Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hola Hot Mexican Sun!

In 2007 we figured the time had come and were very excited to journey on our first family vaca! Destination: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We Stayed at the Playa Del Sol which was a beautiful spot with its own beach. It was brand new and had only opened its doors about a week or two before we got there. As with any new building it had its ups and downs but we didn't let that ruin our fun.

We took a sunset cruise one evening that took us out to The Arch. Everything was lovely about this cruise except that everyone thought jason and i were lovers. The tour guides on our boat kept asking where all the engaged couples were, he then would look in our direction, then he would ask where all the anniversary couples were, again he would look in our direction. After a minute jason looked over at me and said, "They think we're a couple..." and i replied, "Sorry i'm not better looking."

It seemed to us that not only the people on the sunset cruise, but the whole city of Cabo thought we were a couple, and even though i cramped his style, he was a good sport about it.

On another hot afternoon we journeyed to a beach where we were able to rent some jet skis and go parasailing. And when i say we, i mean everyone other than Rachael. She likes to keep her feet on the hot sand. Jason wasn't too happy about that, seeing as now he had to parasail alone. After parasailing, we spent some time on the jet skis and rode out to a little cluster of rocks where there was a family of seals. After seeing seals for the first time I was quite excited. That excitement quickly turned to apprehension when the first words out of my fathers mouth were, "Hmmm, usually where there's seals, there's sharks".

One morning, early before the sun had risen, the boys and i were able to go deep sea fishing. It was amazing watching the beautiful sunrise reflected on the ocean and all the fishing boats heading off toward the horizon. After about an hour we found the perfect spot and cast our lines. Although its questionable whether chivalry is dead or not to man, i'm happy to report that it is still very much alive for the fish. I was able to catch the first fish, a durado that made the water sparkle with its beautiful colors, until we took it out. UGLY!

Dad caught some durado also which we kept and EJ cooked it up that night for dinner. It pays to have a chef in the family! EJ was next with a man eating jaws look-a-like. Actually it wasn't quite as big but size doesn't matter, right? Jason took the spotlight with his marlin. Look at that smile!

He was mimicking me, not the other way around.
He's always trying to be like me.

The FaMiLy. as is people, take it or leave it. i suggest taking it, on the outside we may strike you as awesome, but on the inside, we blow minds :)

Since i'm not entirely sure on how to begin this awesome adventure, we'll just start with where everyone is and how we're doing. So buckle up, you're in for the ride of your life!

Mom and Dad are both doing well. Mom is still working hard at her job as a civilian at the National Guard Headquarters. Doing something with their money...for all they know she could be buying more shoes...Anywho, dad is still fighting to keep this country a free and beautiful place. He's spending his days in Alabama for now but is expected home within the first week of March and boy we're excited! We're ready for things to start working around here again. Deployments are always on the horizon but hopefully they will stay there. He has five more years until he can retire and he's counting down every minute.

Jenny is still in Illinois living with her boyfriend EJ and continuing her education. If a natural disaster of epic proportion doesn't come and wash her away...again, she should graduate this May with a degree in Criminalistics. To say we're proud of her for sticking with it would be an understatement, alas it is used for the lack of a better word. She was able to get an internship this semester at a coroners office and is loving every second of it. EJ just opened his own restaurant recently and is staying pretty busy.

Jason has found new employment this year after being forced out of the framing business due to economic stress in the housing industry. He now finds himself working for Blue Beacon. They have many sites across the country and are engaged in washing tractor trailer rigs. He has received a promotion to operations manager and is pretty happy with his employment. He's dating a lovely girl and living in Bountiful with a few of his friends and occasionally finds the time to come eat our food.

Rachael is her usual self. She slowly started college in the fall of '08 and didn't do too shabby. She is working as a part time nanny for the four most adorable children in Farmington. She has started developing her natural eye for pictures and has even had a couple of paying jobs taking wedding and associated pictures. She found it enjoyable only after all the grueling hours in front of the computer (and never tasting the sweetness of satisfaction) were over. She's enjoying her slow and steady lifestyle for now, at least until she decides to grow up and do something with herself. The hard part is finding out what she's going to do.